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About The Errand Lady

Life have you on the run? Run our feet off, not yours!

My name is Taryn Benson. From caring for pets to helping their people, I work hard to support my customer and make their lives easier. I worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years; meeting people and determining their needs, and planning ahead to ensure supplies and services were available to fill those needs. It was very satisfying to see smiling and happy people.

You can be sure that, with my friendly and thoughtful service, reliability, promptness, and resourcefulness that your life will simplify as I help accomplish the tasks you need to keep your life on track. All my services are customized to meet your specific needs - from reliable errands, grocery shopping, pet care, and small business tasks to much, much more.
Taryn Benson - The Errand Lady in Beaumont, CA

What inspired me to become The Errand Lady

On a weekend away years ago, a co-worker agreed to care for my cats. He couldn't find the house key left for him, and didn't attempt to contact me. “They're just cats.” he said, shrugging.

Cats who don't eat for 48 hours may develop fatal liver conditions. Thankfully, my cats were ok, but gobbled food and water like the starving pets they were.

Years later when starting my own business, this memory, along with another where my son's friend took good care of my pets, but neglected to notice broken lawn sprinklers during a week-long trip of 95 degree days in August, reminded me of the need for someone dependable to do these jobs.

I also knew many seniors who could no longer drive, (or just didn't want to) and whose physical limitations prevented them from shopping or doing other errands. Performing these tasks is a need I can and do fulfill.